Spilhaus Space Clock

Welcome to my Spilhaus Space Clock pages. I have reorganized and expanded this section due to recent acquisitions and inquiries. The most common model seen is the Model 1202 which is the lighted model. An unlighted model, Model 1201, was also made as well as a Model 1203 in 220 Volts. At this point I have bought and repaired a total of seven of these wonderful time pieces. I have sold one, given one as a gift, and I currently have one for sale (sold 10/7/11). Below you will find links to several of the clocks I have showing differences in early production versus late production clocks as well as a link to my working prototype. I also have posted some scans of a couple of advertising flyers that I have acquired.

Table of Contents

General Description (Lighted Model 1202)

Unlighted Model 1201-1

Working Pre-Production Prototype

Differences Between The Clocks

Advertising Flyers

For Sale



Outside Links

Sands Mechanical Museum Spilhaus Space Clock Page

Steve Pielock's Planetarium Resource. He has a Spilhaus Space Clock and a Musser Copernican.

Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing. Makers of Delrin replacement gears for the Spilhaus Space Clock.

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Updated November 19, 2012