1958 Buick Limited 2 Door Hardtop

1958 Buick Limited Riviera Coupe, Model 755

I bought this car January 17, 2001.

I found this car on ebay.com. The previous owner is from North Carolina, but had stored the car in Pennsylvania for about 8 months. He had it since 1995 and has restored the mechanics, the electronics, and has had the car re-upholstered. The only thing left to do is a new paint job. The car was originally from Odessa, Texas (i.e.- rust free) and has only been out of West Texas since 1995. I keep it in a garage to minimize exposure to moisture - a real problem here in Southeast Texas.
The Limited was the top of the line Buick in 1958 and is also the rarest - only 1,026 two door hardtops were produced. This car has every option that was available: Power windows, brakes, steering, antenna, and front seat; Wonderbar radio (signal seeking radio); autronic eye (automatic headlight dimmer); factory air conditioning; and it originally had "Air-Poise" suspension. The air suspension has been changed to regular springs and shock absorbers because there were many problems with the Air Poise design which finally prompted a factory recall in 1959. The air tank and operating lever are still present. I have a parts car with many good parts if I need them.

I can't believe how much interest in Buick Limiteds has exploded over the last three years! I guess everyone is getting tired of seeing '57 Chevys and are looking for something different (don't get me wrong, I love '57 Chevrolets, I think they are one of the prettiest cars from the '50s, but everyone has one. I go to shows and see 20 or more lined up, but you hardly see a Buick Limited.) Most '58 Limiteds are being purchased by European buyers, and most seem to be going to Sweden. When I bought my car, the seller barely made his reserve on it. If it was listed now I think it would sell for at least 75% more than I paid and I haven't done any restoration work to the paint or chrome yet. I do not plan to sell the car any time soon (or ever).

Here is my page dedicated to the Buick factory custom "Wells Fargo" Limited.

1958 Buick Limited Production Data 
Model Body Style Production Total Base Price
Riviera Sedan (4 Door HT)
Riviera Coupe (2 Door HT)
Convertible Coupe

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