Gas Mileage

This area is for those who need help modernizing their Buick for purposes other than strict restoration. Such questions can be about converting to an alternator, adding an electric fuel pump, adding fuel injection, air suspension, boosting horsepower or gas mileage, or tightening or lowering the suspension. Body customizing, chopping and other modifications can also be discussed here.

Gas Mileage

Postby HotRod58er » Sat Apr 26, 2008 12:29 am


double standard for us older car guys. We will drive them even at 5 buicks per gallon :P but what are some simple ways to increase fuel eco without radically changing the car. I will start out.

put a carb that gives out more ppm, lean out the carb, drive slower!, put electric fan behind radiator enstead of belt driven, dont put in A/C, put a turbocharger on it! (mabe?)
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