What is worth more........ 58 Buick Limited or 59 LeSabre?

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What is worth more........ 58 Buick Limited or 59 LeSabre?

Postby HotRod58er » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:20 pm

I would like your insight on what you think is worth more. a 1958 Buick Limited door riviera or a 1959 Buick Lesabre 2 door sedan. They are both in the same shape and condition they just vary in what needs done on them.
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Re: What is worth more........ 58 Buick Limited or 59 LeSabre?

Postby 58limited » Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:35 am

While the '59 Buicks are getting more popular, I think the Limited is more valuable. How many doors does the Limited have - didn't type it in your post? Hard tops are more valuable than sedans as a rule of thumb, and I believe the LeSabre was bottom of the line in 1959 so comparing it to a Limited - top of the line - is really no comparison, I'd go for the Limited. Even four door Limiteds are bringing good money - one just sold on ebay for $24,500. A few years ago one in top condition rarely broke $20,000. Keep in mind that you can easily exceed $20,000 restoring a Limited, unless you can do most of the work yourself. Parts are expensive, and if everything needs rechroming that is good for at least $10,000 depending on quality.
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