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Spring time car work

PostPosted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 4:10 pm
by 58limited
Well, I've finally done some work to my car that it has needed for a few years. There was an exhaust leak and I kept putting it off for several years. I decided to tackle it since the starter needed rebuilding and I was going to be under the car anyway. Here is what I found: This wasn't just a minor leak at where the tail pipes bolted to the exhaust manifold, but most of the exhaust manifold bolt were actually loose and backed out several turns - I didn't need a wrench for over half on them.

I had the manifolds milled and then I painted them with the high temp paint from Eastwood that looks like cast iron and isn't supposed to rust - we'll see. CARS, Inc. sells the original style French Locks that are used instead of lock washers on the manifold bolts, so i bought a set - about $20 plus shipping. They are stainless steel. Now it looks factory new (except the rest of the motor is greasy).

I rebuilt the carburetor, replaced the plugs, wires, rotors , and I replced the Petronix ignitor with points. I pulled the intake off since the exhaust cross over was plugged. Cleaned that and repainted the intake - looks like a jewel in a cesspool (rest of motor is dirty). It is now running better than it has in years.

I bought some other parts but will wait a bit before doing the work: from seal is leaking, torque ball is leaking - bought the kit from CARS, Inc, and I bought brake shoes and hoses for the front wheels. I'll probably do the brakes this week, but the front seal and torque ball will wait for awhile.

I hope everyone's car is running well, lets get them out and enjoy them!