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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:23 pm
by 58limited
These two terms are frequently mis-used, especially on eBay.


New Old Stock or New Original Stock - these are parts that were made by the auto manufacturer when the car was new. You bought these parts at the dealership. They will be UNUSED (hence "new") in an original box with a label from the vehicle's division (i.e.- Buick division of GM had a box that said "Engineer Approved Parts" and the Buick crest or "Buick" on it). These parts, even though unused, may not be perfect: scratches from being moved around over the years, corrosion, dry rot, etc.


New Old Replacement Stock

These parts were made by aftermarket sources around the time of the car's manufacture. You got these parts at the auto parts store and some manufacterers were: Federal Mogul, Moog, etc.

New Replacement stock

New parts that you can go buy at an auto parts store or online now.